Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wonderful Tourism in Dieng Plateau Wonosobo

Dieng name derived from Sanskrit is "On" meaning "high place" or "mountain" and "Hyang" from Khayangan word meaning place of the gods goddesses. So Dieng mean mountain areas where the gods and goddesses residing. However, according to other sources, Dieng's name comes from the words in the Javanese language "adi" meaning beautiful and "Aeng" meaning strange. So Dieng is a beautiful place and full of oddities. On top of this mountain there is a temple complex. Dieng is a village in the district area and adjacent counties Kejajar Banjarnegara. This area is located about 26 miles north of the town of Wonosobo. The road winding and uphill.

On the left and right the way it looks stunning scenery. However, please be careful because there are many cliffs and sharp turns. With conditions like this, make sure your vehicle is in good condition. It is recommended you do not use vehicles that are too big, just a micro bus or smaller. If you come up with a big bus, you can park your bus in around Wonosobo city square and then hire a micro bus routes Wonosobo Dieng. In the southern corner of the town square there is an information center for tourists where you can request further information.

As I approached the Dieng, the lower the temperature, make sure your jacket is not left behind. So cold so sometimes it can reach 15 degrees Celsius in the daytime and 10 degrees at night. Sometimes, a fresh scent will smell faintly tinged sulfur, especially around the crater. In that area there are many active craters. From a distance, Dieng area looks like a mountain peak with a broken leaving the plains with many craters. That is why the Dieng Plateau is named with a mean plateau in the mountains.
Temple Areas

Dieng Plateau Dieng plateau region is one of the mainstay of the tourist area of ​​Wonosobo regency. In this place there are various attractions in the form of objects of natural attractions and cultural relics of the past in the form of temples and other archaeological objects. Dieng plateau is managed by two districts of Wonosobo regency and Banjarnegara. Boundaries between these two districts the right to divide Plateu Dieng. So that objects that were there also is divided, there is an entrance area there is an incoming Wonosobo and Banjarnegara region. However, due to geographical conditions in such a way, the Dieng Plateau are more accessible from Wonosobo. Moreover, the most likely direction of more tourists from the east, such as Semarang, Magelang or Yogyakarta. Therefore, tourists staying only a headed north to the Dieng, a distance of approximately only 26 km.